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Britlyn Neumann

Dope Dope Dope

I am a painter.  I like to paint intricate details, patterns and organic shapes.  I almost always paint on wood because I think it is nature’s most beautiful pattern. I obsess over color schemes and symmetry; and I rarely finish a piece without adding gold to it. I create out of spontaneity as well as careful planning.  I am instinctual, yet meticulous.  I am cautious, yet trusting. I am whimsical, yet logical.  Tension in its many contexts and forms fascinates me and drives much of my creativity.  Using intricate details, symmetrical patterns, organic shapes, and sometimes text I embrace tension and portray it in a new light.  Often producing work that is playful, creepy, sometimes awkward, I invite the viewer to be drawn in and take from it what they may.