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Lauren DeLizza

Dope Dope Dope

My work showcases femininity by alluding to the changes in modern women’s rights of expression and sexuality. Depicted through the use of shapely design and loose realism, fashion advertisements, “it girl” portraits, and candid shots serve as reference to my work. Something nostalgic, intimate, and vain about the image allows an open interpretation of its subtle narrative. My women are often mysterious, seductive, accessorized with organic or graphic elements in their surroundings and attire.

Given my aesthetic agenda, utilizing multiple methods of printmaking allows my images to be accessible. Processes such as silkscreen and intaglio allow me to maintain the fine details that are derived from my original sketches. Utilizing these methods provide a foundation and stepping point ats my creative expression continues to develop, creating a parallel between my subject and process. See more at www.laurendelizza.com