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Dope Dope Dope MAG issue 1 Wildflowers

Dope Dope Dope

Dope Dope Dope is please to present Issue 1 of Dope Dope Dope MAG, Wildflowers.

Issue 1 of Dope Dope Dope MAG was inspired by California. We sent out a call for entries and reached out to some very unique artists who’s works relate to California. Whether it be experimental process or imagery of California itself, the over 30 artists featured pulled out there best work. We invite you to join us for the Launch party Thursday July 7th from 7-10 at SAFEhouse Arts at 1200 Market Street in San Francisco CA. 


Live music By Healing Potpourri

Special Installations by Roxy Erickson and Keith DeNatale


$3 door cover




Alec Marchant
Garret Charboneau
Ferris Plock
Callum Royle
Luka Fisher
Iman Rasheed
Hayley Davis
Ilysa Austin
Kelsey Reckling
Colin Bugella
Karina Thome
Nicole Roehrig
Sam Rivera
Keith DeNatale
Dyland Strassel
Nich Kunz
Vicky Sinh
Katelyn Nemnich
Jason Spies
Mary Celojko
Molly Gilbert
Austen Zombres
Roxy Erickson
Dont Trip
Jonah Nakagawa
Sam Codo
Kelly Keltos
Tamar Ariel
Sean Peeler
Brad Woodville