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This weekend in San Francisco we are treated with two exciting solo exhibitions from artists who's work tests the boundaries of art, but in completely different ways. Austin Kleon, author of several bad-ass inspirational artist books and Sofie Ramos, current Artist in Residence at The Growlery


This Friday in North Beach at Mule Gallery, from 6-9p, you will find the completely unoriginal works of Austin Kleon. Kleon has built his career as an artist based of the premise the "Nothing is Original". Kleo's first book, "Newspaper Blackout Poems", was an art book of selected newspaper articles transformed into poems by means of blacking out about 80 percent of the article. The release of this book was followed by much scrutiny. This prompted him to come out with a series of books that could almost read as the "Appropriation for Dummies" series. In any regard, his work is in someways, supposed to make the viewer a little angry. I'm going to be checking out the show, there will be new works and old works and Fort Point is sponsoring the evening so... Free Beer. 


Saturday the must do art event is at one of my new favorite spaces, The Growlery. From 7-10p Sofie Ramos will be taking over and transforming the walls of the space in a solo project called, "Soft Like Boundaries" The current Artist in Residence has been granted access to the two main galleries and even breaching into the downstairs and the garage. If you have seen her work before she is an installation artist that plays with time. I anticipate that the walls will come to life during this event. Saturday Marks the start of her Residence program and she will be breathing life into the walls until her residence program is over.