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Art Buzz Wednesday Special 5/25

Dope Dope Dope

This weekend, at Rayko's very first Zine Fest, I had the pleasure of meeting local photographer and zine maker, Jordan Hill. Jordan is putting out issue four of wheneveryouwant Magazine. This publication is print form of his blog (linked under his name). wheneveryouwantto speaks with a similar spirit to us here at Dope Dope Dope. I asked Jordan a few Questions and this is what he had to say: 

K: How did you decided to feature these photographers for issue four?

J: Choosing this issues featured photographers happened pretty organically. The first, Brian Delatorre, had mentioned to me he was sitting on about 70+ rolls of undeveloped film. I showed him how to process his own film to save money, and realized he had some really good shots. Being a pro skateboarder, he travels all over the world. South Africa, Berlin, Taiwan, etc. I knew it'd make a great travel journal in the mag and he was excited to be apart of it. The second, Ando, was doing this project where he would extensively hang out with homeless people around SF. Hes got a certain charisma about him and these people found it easy to be open around him. They let him shoot as much as he wanted and shared their stories. The portraits he brought back were stunning, definitely the most impressive and justified I'd seen of the "shooting homeless" genre. Basically both of these photographers were offering the ability to take a trip out of the ordinary, and the black and white just screamed print so it was a no-brainer.

K: What has it been like Expanding your Publication?

J: Expanding has been a dream really, the original intent was to have a print mag showcasing the people around me that are doing what they do well, it took a minute to get the ball rolling and i think people are starting to get excited about contributing and working towards a final product, which ultimately makes me satisfied. First issue was 40 pages, second was 44, then jumped to 80 when we added text/interviews, and this 4th one is 104 pages with a bonus 8 page color zine... hopefully I can contain it a bit before it becomes a book.

K: What is the General Concept behind wheneveryouwantto?

J: The general concept behind wheneveryouwantto. is there are so many zines, mags, blogs, social media accounts, and ads yanking at your attention all the time, I'd hope to be more casual about it. No rush, come check us out, take a look when ever you want to, we'll be here.

K: What should the crowd expect at this launch party?

J: The show will be a visual and physical representation of the achievement of the 4th issue.  A chance to see the featured artists work together at a wonderful new gallery in full aspect, smile with your fellow beautiful San Francisco struggler, drink free beer and listen to choice tunes. what more can you ask for??

Come out tonight and I'm sure you will have a good time.