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DDD SF/Bay Weekend Art Buzz #2

Dope Dope Dope

Seems like Friday is our big night for art in San Francisco this week. Not only do we have the long awaited Re/View: An SFArtsED Visual Arts Retrospective at Minnesota Street Projects, but some more underground shows are happening too. Detroit native, Joe Brook of Thrasher Magazine is having a solo exhibition featuring his SF skate scene photography from 1997-2016. And if you haven't heard of Vacation, it's time for you to put down your Netflix and Chill and heat things up with a sweaty basement not even the cleanest of kids can resist. 

Minnesota Street Projects is a non-profit, converted, warehouse filled with artists studios/ gallery spaces/ programs for all ages-kinda-of-place. This Friday 3/18 they are having a retrospective show. Re/View: An SFArtsED Visual Arts Retrospective features works from past artist in residence, students that they've had in their summer camp and other Bay Area artists. The goal of the retrospective is to show off Bay Area's exceptional arts education programs. New York and LA might be the best places for an artist to make money, but The Bay wins when it come to producing educated thinkers in the arts. It goes from 6-10pm in the Dogpatch at 1275 Minnesota Street.

On the other side of town, photographer Joe Brook presents: "Defining a Distance" Joe's story inspires. There are only a handful of brave soles out there that will move cross country with very little money in their pocket and manage to survive and live out here. Skate and artist culture does lend itself to the vagabond lifestyle, but this is what "Starting from the Bottom" actually means. 

Last but not least, Vacation. The more that's revealed about Vacation, the less the whole experience is really authentic. Trust the recommendation. Go to 651 Larkin @ 9 maybe even 10 (they never start on time, doors at 8)  and don't wear opened toed shoes, or a jacket and forget pants too, and if you wear a bra, you might as well call yourself Donald Trump.

-Kelly Keltos