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Bad Newz, Up Now at Mutiny Radio

Dope Dope Dope

By Raven Mathers

By Raven Mathers

This past weekend, Dope Dope Dope threw another group art show at the Mission's own Mutiny Radio. The work will be up for the next 5 weeks, pop in and take a look. 

Featured artists:

Heng Wang

Blu Voelker 

Raven Mathers


Gabi Abrahamson

Flo Pizzarello


Samira Elagozz

Performance by Paolo Santos



Bad Newz is a show about how over saturated we are with negative media and how that affects us as a society, and personally. From the 6 o'clock news to advertising and all of the propaganda in between, how is what we consume informing our behavior, our egos and what we're all afraid of?

You're ugly, you're boring and everything is dangerous. That's the message I take from almost every external source of media. It obviously all boils down to capitalism, to dollars. We need to sell this thing, so you need to buy it, you're not good enough without it!

I also see it as being a hugely female issue. Products are made for made up problems, sold through shame and doubt. Hey, you need this cute, floral scented deusche for your smelly, sinful pussy. Well actually, no, you don't and that sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen. Things we all use, like razors have to be pink for ladies and mysteriously more expensive, than the tough and rugged razors sold to men. Advertisers have studied up on exactly what works to manipulate us and we have turned into the drones they need us to be. That is bullshit.

It's also about the fear mongering of politics, everyone's a flip-flopper, everyone's Hitler. How is it, that this is the kind of immature, grade school name calling that determines leadership in this country? What are the actual issues? Why don't we actually talk about gun control? Why don't we talk about women in the Midwest being forced to hear anti abortion propaganda in order to receive an abortion that they wanted all along? Why do we want to make choices based on cloudy information? Why is image so much more important than content? 

By Gross kid

By Gross kid

Social media is a doozy too. Is everyone really having this much fun all the time? Is everyone this attractive, this cool? No. We are advertising ourselves and we're not even getting paid. We are now all capable of selling our own glossy image on our phones all day, every day. For sex, for friendship, for professional networking. Well networking is gross. What is so wrong with being authentic, flawed, humans? Why are we all so insecure? It's because we have all been pumped full of so much fear and paranoia that we just automatically believe it. Believe that our eyelashes aren't long enough, black enough, plump enough. We believe in snap judgement, you're a Republican, you're rich and evil, you're a Democrat, you're poor and foolish. You follow more people than follow you, you're a desperate loser. I don't subscribe to that.

How do we change any of this when the negative media is thriving and established? Refuse it. Engage in the informative and not the inflammatory. Read good and unbiased news. Buy products that you actually want because they're useful to you. Or buy less stuff in general. Support local businesses. Understand body positivity and do your best to promote it. Be yourself on the Internet. Do your research. It's a little more work, a little less convenient, but at least it's constructive. Question what your'e fed, LOOK AT ART!

Paulo Santos gave a vulnerable, honest performance. Thank you for your words.

Paulo Santos gave a vulnerable, honest performance. Thank you for your words.

Thank you to anyone who made it out to our opening show, if you missed it, visit Mutiny Radio, pieces will be displayed for another 5 weeks!

-Molly Gilbert