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Dope Dope Dope + Evolved SF

Dope Dope Dope

Evolved Gif.gif

Dope Dope Dope is joining Evolved SF for a Black + White Group Show February 1st.

Dope Dope Dope Talks Zines

Dope Dope Dope

DOPE! OneWorld Series posted an interview from way back at Rayko's ZineFest with Autumn and Molly. We discuss all there is to love about making and sharing zines, including Kelly's #iliketodobadthangs! 

An Evening of Lurking: CREEP Release Party at the Growlery

Dope Dope Dope

Our 2nd Issue of Dope Dope Dope Magazine: CREEP, focuses on contemporary voyeurism.

Our 2nd Issue of Dope Dope Dope Magazine: CREEP, focuses on contemporary voyeurism.

Dope Dope Dope celebrated the release of our second magazine: CREEP, this past Friday at San Francisco's beloved Growlery. In honor of the release, we hosted a group show featuring several artists from the magazine and beyond. Local post-rock mavens Commissure played a hypnotic set while the basement flooded with skaters christening a freshly-graffitied skate ramp.

Smiles at our merch table. 

Smiles at our merch table. 

Peeping into Karina Thome's installation, a hidden treasure in the basement. Only the truly curious got to witness this work. Painting on left by Karina Thome, painting on right by Kevin Cornejo.

"Emasculation and Masculinity Coming Down the Stairs" by  Santiago Insignares  

"Emasculation and Masculinity Coming Down the Stairs" by Santiago Insignares 

Ramp by  PIPER . (After lots of loving use.)

Ramp by PIPER. (After lots of loving use.)

Shout out to the lovely  Brainbowss  and  Jared Roehrig . These two are Dope Dope Dope MVPs. Thank you both for always volunteering your time and help, and supplying great work, we love you guys!

Shout out to the lovely Brainbowss and Jared Roehrig. These two are Dope Dope Dope MVPs. Thank you both for always volunteering your time and help, and supplying great work, we love you guys!

Commissure's set was beautiful. Thanks boys! Follow them  h  ere .

Commissure's set was beautiful. Thanks boys! Follow them here.

The creeps behind Dope Dope Dope:  Autumn Raethke ,  Molly Gilbert  and  Kelly Keltos .

The creeps behind Dope Dope Dope: Autumn Raethke, Molly Gilbert and Kelly Keltos.

This event was really special to us. Thank you anyone that made it out. Thank you to our artists who contributed, and to Commissure for playing. An enormous shout out to the Growlery for being a joy to work with. We appreciate the opportunity to show at such a beautiful and creative space. Keep an eye out for our next projects, calls for entries, and zine tables! Send us an email to receive a copy of CREEP if you missed it!

xo, Molly

Artists in the Show:
























Dope Dope Dope

Ever feel like someone is watching you? That's because someone is. Issue 2 of Dope Dope Dope MAG is going to take a look into contemporary voyeurism. 

Voyeur is a French term that directly translates to "One who looks." Artists in the 70's seized on the topic as surveillance cameras, FBI wiretapping devices, and easy access to hand-held recording equipment began to saturate our culture. 

The 21st century finds the issue spiraling to new heights (or depths) as mobile tracking devices have become integrated into our lives, allowing strangers on the other side of the screen to violate the very concept of personal privacy.

Dope Dope Dope MAG is collaborating with some amazing creatives to spark an open conversation about privacy during the era of social media. Come join us Friday January 27th, for a special exhibition by some of our featured artists and for a first look at Dope Dope Dope MAG Issue 2, CREEP.

Bad Newz, Up Now at Mutiny Radio

Dope Dope Dope

By Raven Mathers

By Raven Mathers

This past weekend, Dope Dope Dope threw another group art show at the Mission's own Mutiny Radio. The work will be up for the next 5 weeks, pop in and take a look. 

Featured artists:

Heng Wang

Blu Voelker 

Raven Mathers


Gabi Abrahamson

Flo Pizzarello


Samira Elagozz

Performance by Paolo Santos



Bad Newz is a show about how over saturated we are with negative media and how that affects us as a society, and personally. From the 6 o'clock news to advertising and all of the propaganda in between, how is what we consume informing our behavior, our egos and what we're all afraid of?

You're ugly, you're boring and everything is dangerous. That's the message I take from almost every external source of media. It obviously all boils down to capitalism, to dollars. We need to sell this thing, so you need to buy it, you're not good enough without it!

I also see it as being a hugely female issue. Products are made for made up problems, sold through shame and doubt. Hey, you need this cute, floral scented deusche for your smelly, sinful pussy. Well actually, no, you don't and that sounds like a yeast infection waiting to happen. Things we all use, like razors have to be pink for ladies and mysteriously more expensive, than the tough and rugged razors sold to men. Advertisers have studied up on exactly what works to manipulate us and we have turned into the drones they need us to be. That is bullshit.

It's also about the fear mongering of politics, everyone's a flip-flopper, everyone's Hitler. How is it, that this is the kind of immature, grade school name calling that determines leadership in this country? What are the actual issues? Why don't we actually talk about gun control? Why don't we talk about women in the Midwest being forced to hear anti abortion propaganda in order to receive an abortion that they wanted all along? Why do we want to make choices based on cloudy information? Why is image so much more important than content? 

By Gross kid

By Gross kid

Social media is a doozy too. Is everyone really having this much fun all the time? Is everyone this attractive, this cool? No. We are advertising ourselves and we're not even getting paid. We are now all capable of selling our own glossy image on our phones all day, every day. For sex, for friendship, for professional networking. Well networking is gross. What is so wrong with being authentic, flawed, humans? Why are we all so insecure? It's because we have all been pumped full of so much fear and paranoia that we just automatically believe it. Believe that our eyelashes aren't long enough, black enough, plump enough. We believe in snap judgement, you're a Republican, you're rich and evil, you're a Democrat, you're poor and foolish. You follow more people than follow you, you're a desperate loser. I don't subscribe to that.

How do we change any of this when the negative media is thriving and established? Refuse it. Engage in the informative and not the inflammatory. Read good and unbiased news. Buy products that you actually want because they're useful to you. Or buy less stuff in general. Support local businesses. Understand body positivity and do your best to promote it. Be yourself on the Internet. Do your research. It's a little more work, a little less convenient, but at least it's constructive. Question what your'e fed, LOOK AT ART!

Paulo Santos gave a vulnerable, honest performance. Thank you for your words.

Paulo Santos gave a vulnerable, honest performance. Thank you for your words.

Thank you to anyone who made it out to our opening show, if you missed it, visit Mutiny Radio, pieces will be displayed for another 5 weeks!

-Molly Gilbert 

Throw Back Thursday

Dope Dope Dope

Dope Dope Dope is hosting yet another group art show this upcoming Thursday November 3rd.

#TBT will give us a chance to look back, maybe to yesterday, or ten years ago, or maybe to a time you weren't even around. Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, its time for the ultimate THROW BACK THURSDAY. We are partnering up with the campaign folks of YES ON S at their Polk street offices for a show that will highlight the good, the bad and everything else from our pasts.  This is a Call-for-Entries show, all art must be hang ready!! email us at dopedopedopeart@gmail.com with submissions. 

What does a "YES" vote mean? Well S will help to end family homelessness as well as restore funding for arts and culture in S.F. without raising any new taxes. Not only will this help families throughout San Francisco have the opportunity to have more housing but it also bring more funding for art, music and culture programs for children. Dope Dope Dope is looking for art inspired by the past. Lets think #tbt but take it to the next level, the bigger the better we have a lot of wall space to fill. 



For this throw back Thursday we want to see what a typical #tbt is for you. 

Art Buzz- "A Real Date"

Dope Dope Dope

Connor Marshall @drfartmuseum

Connor Marshall @drfartmuseum

This weekend's must see art shows will be filled with laughter and tears.  Sylvan Housea San Francisco oasis for filthy comedians, will be taking on an exciting artistic venture & a long time SF based artist will be saying goodbye to his city in a farewell retrospective at Heron Arts.


If you're like me and haven't been to Sylvan House, you're missing out. This space houses some of San Francisco's local comedic talent with a no-fucks-given vibe. Sylvan House is putting on an art/comedy night called "Cool News" curated by a member of the household, Connor Marshall. Also known as "The Kid," Connor moved from Denver where his pseudonym "Dr Fart" earned him recognition as Denver's best street artist in 2014. His work features quotes from some of his favorite philosophers replete with hearts, love, butts and/or farts. This group of artists bring comedy to their visual work, and why not? Where would art be if it always took itself so seriously?

works by @drfartmuseum@numba_too , @satansaladz , @zachowiseman , and Delcan

This Friday starting at 9pm 427 4th Ave, San Francisco, California 94118

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Saturday night, a man who's artistic roots have been based in San Francisco, for the past twelve years, will be putting on a Farewell Show.  Hit with an eviction notice, after more than a decade, Spencer Keeton Cunningham is wrapping up his whirlwind relationship with this city at Heron Arts. I met Spencer at The ROA art show at 941 Geary in 2012 and since then have heard tales of his adventures and dedication to art. I have never met anyone more dedicated to making than Spencer. His show will also include works by Erlin Geffard, aka Kid Krayola, Daisey Ortiz, and their son Daylin Geffard. The four not only lived together for the majority of the lease but Spencer considers them a part of him.  Spencer's work is a treat to experience, referencing a time were art making was simpler, childhood. 

Go and check it  out this Saturday 7-10p  7 Heron St, San Francisco, California 94103


Art Buzz, What we see isn't what you get.

Dope Dope Dope

This weekend we're excited to check out two spaces we have yet to visit: The Galallery and Smash Gallery. Both spaces will be featuring exciting works which take a hard look at social identity, definitely worth checking out.

Located on Capp Street between 16th and 17th Street, The Galallery is an independent space dedicated to supporting emerging artists. Tomorrow night's group show "FOLLOW FOR UNFOLLOW"  will feature pieces from 9 artists working mostly in video but also textiles and photography. The show has a sparked influence in voyeurism, so you can probably guess why we took an interest to it. 

Smash Gallery, located on Golden Gate Ave & Leavenworth St, will be showing "Shadows of the Tenderloin", a solo show featuring works by Iranian born San Francisco-based artist, Dariush Nehdaran. It's expected this will be a showing of 20 or so traditional black and white prints that take a look at the homelessness in the Tenderloin district. Although a widely covered topic, we think it will be  very interesting to see beautifully presented works in a fine art gallery, all the while the very streets the photos were taken are right outside the door. 


The Galallery - 180 Capp St
Closing Reception Jul 30 4-6PM

Smash Gallery - 210 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco, CA
Opening Reception Jul 30 7-11PM




Art Buzz, More than Just Paper Anniversaries

Dope Dope Dope

Tonight we celebrate some amazing achievements for SF local artists. Dope Dope Dope will be hitting the SF streets this evening checking all of it out.

My evening will start with some Frida, at Wonderlandsf. The gallery is celebrating its 6th year and I couldn't be more excited. They are featuring just over 80 artists and all of the works are inspired by Frida. The curator is Irene Hernandez-Feiks and she is my pick for badass of the year. She not only owns and operates Wonderlandsf, but also hosts large art events at Mezzanine. I think there's no better way to celebrate six years of a successful female run gallery than to honor one of the most inspiring female artists, Frida Kahlo.

Next, I'll be checking out Mirus Gallery for a night with SF native, Chad Hasegawa. "It's Your Town" is the name of the show. Hasegawa will be doing a meet and greet and showing his latest works for New Amsterdam Vodka. The pieces are inspired by our beautiful city, San Francisco. Oh yeah, and complimentary drinks from New Amsterdam Vodka. Hoping they still have peach when I get there.

Last, but certainly not least, the homies at Book & Job are hosting their very own 4 year Anniversary show. I'm excited to see works from all the artists, including a personal favorite of mine, Daniel Valencia. Valencia spends most of his time making traditional darkroom prints and at a ripe age of 21; he has been killing it in the SF art scene.


Watching the Wildflowers Bloom: A Dope Launch Party

Dope Dope Dope

Last week we celebrated the release of Dope Dope Dope Mag, Issue 1: Wildflowers. The PBR was flowing (shout out to Katelyn Nemnich for Beertending), William Austin Clay and Healing Potpourri put on a great show and installations by Roxy Erickson and Keith DeNatale kept us on our toes.

Photo by Megan Moura, Istallation by Roxy Erickson

Photo by Megan Moura, Istallation by Roxy Erickson

Wildflowers features over 30 artists with a connection to California and their work.  Dope Dope Dope strives to make art accessible to everyone who's interested and our hope is that this first issue shares quality work and promotes the creators that grace its pages. You can still get the mag, engineer prints of select works and more from our shop! Or hit up a Dope girl and we will get you what you need.


If you made it to Safe House Arts for the event, thank you for supporting California artists and Dope Dope Dope. If you missed it, we hope you can join us next time. Stay tuned, we've got some exciting new projects in the works. Keep an eye out for calls for entries and contact us if you'd like to get involved!

A special thank you to all our dope artists, and our friends and loved ones who donated time, help and energy to making all of this come together. We rely on our community and have been lucky to receive so much support and encouragement. We love you.

XOXO -Molly

Dope Dope Dope MAG issue 1 Wildflowers

Dope Dope Dope

Dope Dope Dope is please to present Issue 1 of Dope Dope Dope MAG, Wildflowers.

Issue 1 of Dope Dope Dope MAG was inspired by California. We sent out a call for entries and reached out to some very unique artists who’s works relate to California. Whether it be experimental process or imagery of California itself, the over 30 artists featured pulled out there best work. We invite you to join us for the Launch party Thursday July 7th from 7-10 at SAFEhouse Arts at 1200 Market Street in San Francisco CA. 


Live music By Healing Potpourri

Special Installations by Roxy Erickson and Keith DeNatale


$3 door cover




Alec Marchant
Garret Charboneau
Ferris Plock
Callum Royle
Luka Fisher
Iman Rasheed
Hayley Davis
Ilysa Austin
Kelsey Reckling
Colin Bugella
Karina Thome
Nicole Roehrig
Sam Rivera
Keith DeNatale
Dyland Strassel
Nich Kunz
Vicky Sinh
Katelyn Nemnich
Jason Spies
Mary Celojko
Molly Gilbert
Austen Zombres
Roxy Erickson
Dont Trip
Jonah Nakagawa
Sam Codo
Kelly Keltos
Tamar Ariel
Sean Peeler
Brad Woodville


Dope Dope Dope

This weekend in San Francisco we are treated with two exciting solo exhibitions from artists who's work tests the boundaries of art, but in completely different ways. Austin Kleon, author of several bad-ass inspirational artist books and Sofie Ramos, current Artist in Residence at The Growlery


This Friday in North Beach at Mule Gallery, from 6-9p, you will find the completely unoriginal works of Austin Kleon. Kleon has built his career as an artist based of the premise the "Nothing is Original". Kleo's first book, "Newspaper Blackout Poems", was an art book of selected newspaper articles transformed into poems by means of blacking out about 80 percent of the article. The release of this book was followed by much scrutiny. This prompted him to come out with a series of books that could almost read as the "Appropriation for Dummies" series. In any regard, his work is in someways, supposed to make the viewer a little angry. I'm going to be checking out the show, there will be new works and old works and Fort Point is sponsoring the evening so... Free Beer. 


Saturday the must do art event is at one of my new favorite spaces, The Growlery. From 7-10p Sofie Ramos will be taking over and transforming the walls of the space in a solo project called, "Soft Like Boundaries" The current Artist in Residence has been granted access to the two main galleries and even breaching into the downstairs and the garage. If you have seen her work before she is an installation artist that plays with time. I anticipate that the walls will come to life during this event. Saturday Marks the start of her Residence program and she will be breathing life into the walls until her residence program is over. 




Art Buzz Wednesday Special 5/25

Dope Dope Dope

This weekend, at Rayko's very first Zine Fest, I had the pleasure of meeting local photographer and zine maker, Jordan Hill. Jordan is putting out issue four of wheneveryouwant Magazine. This publication is print form of his blog (linked under his name). wheneveryouwantto speaks with a similar spirit to us here at Dope Dope Dope. I asked Jordan a few Questions and this is what he had to say: 

K: How did you decided to feature these photographers for issue four?

J: Choosing this issues featured photographers happened pretty organically. The first, Brian Delatorre, had mentioned to me he was sitting on about 70+ rolls of undeveloped film. I showed him how to process his own film to save money, and realized he had some really good shots. Being a pro skateboarder, he travels all over the world. South Africa, Berlin, Taiwan, etc. I knew it'd make a great travel journal in the mag and he was excited to be apart of it. The second, Ando, was doing this project where he would extensively hang out with homeless people around SF. Hes got a certain charisma about him and these people found it easy to be open around him. They let him shoot as much as he wanted and shared their stories. The portraits he brought back were stunning, definitely the most impressive and justified I'd seen of the "shooting homeless" genre. Basically both of these photographers were offering the ability to take a trip out of the ordinary, and the black and white just screamed print so it was a no-brainer.

K: What has it been like Expanding your Publication?

J: Expanding has been a dream really, the original intent was to have a print mag showcasing the people around me that are doing what they do well, it took a minute to get the ball rolling and i think people are starting to get excited about contributing and working towards a final product, which ultimately makes me satisfied. First issue was 40 pages, second was 44, then jumped to 80 when we added text/interviews, and this 4th one is 104 pages with a bonus 8 page color zine... hopefully I can contain it a bit before it becomes a book.

K: What is the General Concept behind wheneveryouwantto?

J: The general concept behind wheneveryouwantto. is there are so many zines, mags, blogs, social media accounts, and ads yanking at your attention all the time, I'd hope to be more casual about it. No rush, come check us out, take a look when ever you want to, we'll be here.

K: What should the crowd expect at this launch party?

J: The show will be a visual and physical representation of the achievement of the 4th issue.  A chance to see the featured artists work together at a wonderful new gallery in full aspect, smile with your fellow beautiful San Francisco struggler, drink free beer and listen to choice tunes. what more can you ask for??

Come out tonight and I'm sure you will have a good time. 



Dope Dope Dope

This week we have some stand out events, including a magazine launch, a collaborative immersive experience and of course Rayko Zine Fest. The City's art scene has been buzzing with new and exciting types of art events.  With the recent reopening of the SFMoMA I only imagine the art scene will be coming out of hibernation with a new look that will forever mark San Francisco as an arts hub. 


This Friday our week is started with a magazine launch party for Issue 20 Bad Day Magazine. This artist run publication focuses on an open dialog with creatives of multiple disciplines. The publication reaches a wide audience  This Friday from 7-9 at THE THING Quarterly's head quarters 447 O'ferrell. Bad Day Issue 20 features include Joanna Newsom, Marc Maron, Andre Walker, Bjarne Melgaard, Mac DeMarco, Angela Dimayuga, India Salvor Menuez, and more. 


Saturday's todo event is the BNNZA Cabin Pressure 8:30p at Alter Space. BNNZA is a group comprised of Conrad Guevara, Lindsey Tully and Lana Williams. The film maker, sculptor and painter collaborative have been featured in several spaces together. Saturday night they transform Alter Space on Howard street into an immersive fashion show. For this Line the pieces are all made from repurposed fabrics. I expect to see a rainbow futuristic pallet coupled with pieces of clothing that stand alone as art pieces. http://alterspace.co/exhibitions/bnnza-cabin-pressure/


Sunday brings us a different kind of treat. Rayko is holding its first photo zine fest. For those of you unfamiliar with the term zine, in its simplest explanation it is a DIY magazine. Since the 80's zines have been a counter cultures outlet for expression. most offend zines are made with copy machines and staples. Rayko Zine fest is a celebration of the present day culture surrounding zines. Looks like rayko will be filled with tables of zines by photographers all around the bay area and the world. From 5:30pm to approximatley 6:30pm, SF native artist, zine maker, and instructor of zine making workshops, Raphael Villet, will be giving a lecture, "Political by Nature- zines and the autonomous approach,"on the DIY history, culture, and evolution of zines. Check out his work: http://www.raphaelvillet.com/ 




Bad Day Issue 20

Bad Day Issue 20

BNNZA- Cabin Pressure

BNNZA- Cabin Pressure

Rayko Zine Fest

Rayko Zine Fest

DDD @ StART Up Art Fair SF

Dope Dope Dope

Last weekend the Dope girls ventured outside the Mission and took to the Marina's Hotel Del Sol for art, hammocks and grilled cheese at the StART Up Art Fair. The event featured artists and galleries showing diverse works, all displayed in countless hotel rooms. Dope Dope Dope had a table and we had a blast.

Kelly at StART Up

Kelly at StART Up

We were lucky enough to show this goopy piece by Texan, Dan Lam at our table during the event.  bydanlam.com

We were lucky enough to show this goopy piece by Texan, Dan Lam at our table during the event. bydanlam.com

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

Nash Bellows in Room 304:

nash 2.JPG

Bold and abstract, San Francisco based artist, Nash Bellows makes up her own rules just to break them. Her work is about disorder and chaos and it's hella dope. She does large scale paintings, collage and digital paintings. 

Check her out: nashbellows.com


In Bed with John Casey:

John Casey's room was my favorite. He showed paintings, drawings, sculpture and surreal plushies designed specifically for the bed in his hotel room at StART Up. Casey is an Oakland based artist whose work is creepy, comical, textural and graphic. He also gave out the best sticker (on my phone now) and sells the pint glass below on his website. Cheers, John, great room.

We appreciated how the artist took advantage of the bed in the room, it became part of the show and got viewers involved. Autumn and I had to have a quick snuggle.

We appreciated how the artist took advantage of the bed in the room, it became part of the show and got viewers involved. Autumn and I had to have a quick snuggle.

Checkout his website and shop: johncasey.com

Picsart lets you make work on your phone 

OK, so, PicsArt was definitely a sponsor of the event and I'm sure the app was designed by techies ruining our city, but this app is cool. It's cool because not only can you make high quality digital art on your phone, you can see what other people are making all over the world. It's like photoshop for your smartphone and it's free, why not do something creative when you're waiting for your bus? PicsArt makes art more accessible and we think that's dope. Here are some of the pieces they featured at StART Up. 

Guillermo Vazquez / Spain

Guillermo Vazquez / Spain

Jessica Kitowski / Texas

Jessica Kitowski / Texas

Fiona Marten / Germany

Fiona Marten / Germany

Another by German, Fiona Marten. Not shown at the fair, but totally relevant.

Another by German, Fiona Marten. Not shown at the fair, but totally relevant.

A big thank you to StART Up for having us. If we met any of you there, keep an eye out for upcoming events and calls for submissions here on dopedopedope.com or follow us on instagram @dopedopedopeart

-Molly Gilbert


Dope Dope Dope

This weekend you may find yourself in San Francisco, but it feels like a stay-cation. With a slue of day events and the weather gods predicting sunshine who would want to be anywhere else? You'll most definitely catch me sippin' on some tropical drinks this weekend.

Friday from 12:00 - 6:00pm The Midway SF presents Bold Expressions: by Boback Emand . This painter/ Sculpture uses bold shapes and contrasting colors and textures to communicate not only about the structures or the lines on the canvas but the voids as well. His works will fill the space at The Midway SF with an elegance and movement that can only be seen in person.

Later in the evening on Friday, a more graphic and literal artist, Lil' Tuffy presents a solo show at Everyday @ 936 Geary St. from 7:00 - 11:00pm. Lil' Tuffy is most known for his part in the gig poster documentary, Just Like Being There. Lil' Tuffy has established his career as an artist designing and producing limited edition "Gig Posters" and prints for musicians in all disciplines and even designed the Outside Lands poster for several years.

This Saturday two of the top art schools hold competing events featuring hundreds of artists, but there's no reason not to catch both. The CCA Spring Fair starts at 11:00amand runs till 3:00pm. The fair hosts students and alumni alike and is set up as a vendor fair rather than an exhibition. SFAI is opening up it's graduate studios which will be a preview to the student's thesis show at Vernirssage. Both Events are in the Dog Patch, so you can get your fill of emerging art this Saturday.

Saturday evening from 5:00 - 9:00pm Katheryn Barulich curates a group show called Spring Break at Residence/SF, this show will set off your indulgences with some visual eye-candy. The space is small but mighty and I'm sure the ideas that flow from this new, experimental space will flex your creative mussels. Heron Arts is also having a group show Saturday evening Perpetual Motion. This show presents works by 11 American and international artists with works that seems strait out of a fairy tale. Last but not least, I haven't heard of this space but the idea for the show captivated my attention The Galallery presents 2 x 2: Drawing + Diptychs. This group show will showcase pieces that have created Diptychs, two complimentary images viewed together, with two colors each. It seems like a experimental study so I'm keeping my mind open. 

-Kelly Keltos

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion

Lil' Tuffy, Test Print 2016

Lil' Tuffy, Test Print 2016

DDD at stARTup Art Fair 4/29-5/1

Dope Dope Dope


Dope Dope Dope has a table at stARTup Art fair this year and it's gonna been hella Dope. The art world is changing, and many working artists are finding themselves without a space to present their work. The core mission of stARTup Art Fair is to provide an exhibition venue for unrepresented artists - artists who may have recently lost their gallery/galleries, or artists who have never had representation. Which is totally inline with the Ideals of Dope Dope Dope. 
Come join us for a three day art fair at Hotel Del Sol in Marina/ Cow Hollow in SF. 

April 29 - May 1, 2016
Hotel Del Sol | 3100 Webster St. | San Francisco

General Admission Public Hours
Friday, April 29: Noon - 6:00 PM
Saturday, April 30: Noon - 9:00 PM
Sunday, May 1: Noon - 7:00 PM

Purchase General Admission Tickets

Adults: $15 advance / $20 door
Students & Seniors with ID: $10 advance / $15 door
Children admitted Free

50% of General Admission ticket proceeds go to
Root Division and San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

DDD SF/Bay Weekend Art Buzz: 4/7/16

Dope Dope Dope

This weekend is packed full of art dopeness. We are in for everything from solo shows to full on hotel take over after parties. The team is so ready to take on the city this weekend so catch us if you can. 


This Thursday evening Hashimoto Contemporary Presents a solo show by Gregory Euclide "Extract" these pieces are mixed media 3-Dimentional paintings that captivate elaborate landscapes with bizarre perspectives. This show goes from 6-10 but it will be first on our agenda for the evening. After that We will be running over to 688 Sutter Academy of Art Gallery for a solo show for Eda Li. Li is a current photography student wrapping up her education at the Academy. When I saw these pieces I had to give her a shout out. The pieces are close up macros all shot on medium format color film that capture rustic compositions. After that we will be heading to the check out various shows for theLower Polk Art Walk.  Lower Polk holds the cities most punk DIY art walks, so go and support the remaining artists that we've got here in SF. 


The night doesn't quite end there, Art Attack SF is hosting the First Thursday After Party at the Phoenix Hotel. There's going to be a whole slue of things going on so RSVP for free at the above link and get yourselves there! 

Friday Night if you're lucky enough to have caught a ticket Petra Collin's is doing a talk at YBCA. unfortunately they are sold out, so good luck. 

Saturday, Root Divission is hosting a group show focused on experimental processes called "The Alchemist" for their Second Saturday Series. it goes 7-10 in SOMA.

Heading over to The Mission at Campfire Gallery is a solo show by Dima Drjuchin "The Infinity Key". A more animated colorful presentation that will be sure to please any ones eyes. This show also goes from 7-10 but I think we will try to hit both. 

Be sure to make it out to see some art this weekend and if you ever have an event you want us to shout out hit us up at dopedopedopeart@gmail.

-Kelly Keltos

DDD SF/Bay Weekend Art Buzz #2

Dope Dope Dope

Seems like Friday is our big night for art in San Francisco this week. Not only do we have the long awaited Re/View: An SFArtsED Visual Arts Retrospective at Minnesota Street Projects, but some more underground shows are happening too. Detroit native, Joe Brook of Thrasher Magazine is having a solo exhibition featuring his SF skate scene photography from 1997-2016. And if you haven't heard of Vacation, it's time for you to put down your Netflix and Chill and heat things up with a sweaty basement not even the cleanest of kids can resist. 

Minnesota Street Projects is a non-profit, converted, warehouse filled with artists studios/ gallery spaces/ programs for all ages-kinda-of-place. This Friday 3/18 they are having a retrospective show. Re/View: An SFArtsED Visual Arts Retrospective features works from past artist in residence, students that they've had in their summer camp and other Bay Area artists. The goal of the retrospective is to show off Bay Area's exceptional arts education programs. New York and LA might be the best places for an artist to make money, but The Bay wins when it come to producing educated thinkers in the arts. It goes from 6-10pm in the Dogpatch at 1275 Minnesota Street.

On the other side of town, photographer Joe Brook presents: "Defining a Distance" Joe's story inspires. There are only a handful of brave soles out there that will move cross country with very little money in their pocket and manage to survive and live out here. Skate and artist culture does lend itself to the vagabond lifestyle, but this is what "Starting from the Bottom" actually means. 

Last but not least, Vacation. The more that's revealed about Vacation, the less the whole experience is really authentic. Trust the recommendation. Go to 651 Larkin @ 9 maybe even 10 (they never start on time, doors at 8)  and don't wear opened toed shoes, or a jacket and forget pants too, and if you wear a bra, you might as well call yourself Donald Trump.

-Kelly Keltos

Submit to Wildflowers by March 21st

Dope Dope Dope


Dope Dope Dope is working on it's first Magazine. Dope Dope Dope Magazine Issue I: Wildflowers, will feature artists who have a strong connection to California.




plural noun: wildflowers

a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention.

This opportunity can get your name out to cities that you may or may not have established a connection with already. 
We are looking for 3-5 JPEGS of works inspired by California. This is completely subject to your interpretation. We are not looking for every submission to be flowers, bears and state flags. 
1-3 of your images will be featured in our first Magazine and All appropriate credit will be given. 1 of your images will be blown up to 18 x 24 or 18 x 18 as a poster print. This print is going to be at a set price. We understand some art takes longer to make and some artists are more established. The purpose of this show is to tap into the affordable art market and spread the word about your art. 

We are going on tour!! We will be launching Dope Dope Dope Mag in our home town, San Francisco. The show will be up for one week and then will be hitting the road with a series of one night events. Starting with Los Angeles, then San Diego, San Luis Obispo and Chico. We are touring with SF local band Pastel.@pastel.sf 
Please submit via email Submissions have a strict deadline of 3/21/2016 because we have to start putting together the Magazine.

Submit to:  dopedopedopeart@gmail.com